Guide on what to build and how to use it in lowland wars

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  1. Generally you’ll see 4 types of builds in lowland wars, that is ps(pure spy)
    Ps1 (pure spy with one attack build) Tank and hybrid. I’ll try to get into each type, as to what builds you should use and the respective mechs that come with each type of build
    What build to use: Now there is no ‘best’ tank build which exists but in general 16/3/1/4 (16coe/3 adt/1sos/1sdt) is the most balanced. However it can be bettered according to the tier in which you war. For example, T1 usually has all tanks vs tanks so in that set up, you can drop 1 sdt and replace it with either adt or another coe. Similarly, lower tiers are spy heavy so you might wanna keep the extra sdt and you can drop the adt to replace it with with either an sdt or another coe like a 17/2/1/4
    How to war as tank: Tanks in general will be asked to go zs using assn on the biggest spy threats and skim from there. On spy regens use scout scout assn as it kills more spies than 0/2 assn. Its very important to skim from 90+ only to give yourself the best chance to win attacks and make it harder for opponent to find second skims. If you overextend and skim yourself down, you give the enemy an easy second skim target.
    WHAT TO DO IF YOU’RE BEING SKIMMED: This is very crucial, Important to limit leaks as much as possible if you’re being skimmed while also staying up the longest you can to try and tank for your team. It’s a delicate balance of diving too early or not diving at all and leaking lots of hits.
    I'd have a 3 adt tank, tank till 50% then dive troops on skim target. If you’re being zsed and kept zsed by the enemy team, best thing to do is dive your troops 5 sec before your spy regen to avoid getting attack knocked. I’ll always ask my tanks to auto xtal if need be and avoid getting akoed as an ako pays very good.
    In my opinion, If the enemy team decides to dive on you, its best to tank troops till 50% then auto xtal and make them fail all over you and call out those divers in cc. This would give your team control of the war and if you're quick on reporting, you'll be able to make back most of the plunder eating those dives. Don’t try to dive back since you’ll only leak more.
    Always keep an eye at the tl (troop loss) and report it everytime in cc so your wc can gauge the % of the skim target. A general guide on troop loss is as follows
    100% 1712 80% 1632
    90% 1664 70% 1600
    60% 1536 40% 1392
    50% 1488 30% 1280
    20% 1120
    Below that is minimum loss
    % Refers to the troop % of your enemy and your troop loss at that % (assuming you’re skimming from full)
    Note: This was tested using a 16/3/1/4 vs 16/3/1/4
    One important thing to note here is, that your troop loss may be different as it depends on how many attack buildings you have. For example a person warring with 17 coe will lose more no. Of troops than a 16/3/1/4 simply because they have more no. Of troops than you but their % loss will be somewhat similar.
    This is why you would see a hybrid getting 1200 loss on a skim where you get 1600, so dont get carried away with those kind of reports, watch your troop loss closely
    Generally (for a 16/3/1/4), anything below 1400 loss is very low so call it in cc and eat it x2/3 times. Anything below 1200, eat it to zt
    I generally eat dives hard and then sit regens/repins for the rest of the war till 75% troops, Anything below that I will regen. Later in the war, for like last 15-20min i’ll full bar attack a tl below 1400 and watch cc for dive calls and eat them x2/3 times
    Diving for tanks is very ineffective so sit those regens/repins hard and skim from full, I see lots of tanks diving 3/10 attacks for no reason and leaking regens all war so dont do that.
    STEAL MECH ON TANKS: Tanks can’t be stolen if they’re banked (0 gold out) irrespective of whether they have spies or not
    Another interesting mech i’ve found is that tanks are dtw to steals if they’re zt irrespective of whether they have gold out or not.
    The advantage of hybrid build is that it can eat enemy ps1 even if they’re banked while tanks cannot. The disadvantage is that in the absence of ps1 they are rather useless.
    WHAT TO BUILD: In general 12/4/4/4 is balanced, Make little changes depending on what tier you’re in. In tier 1, you’ll need more than 4 adt so you can go with 12/5/4/3 or a 11/6/4/3 or add another sos to skim assn low sdt tanks, whatever works for you
    In smaller tiers, 4 adt should work fine, you can tweak with an extra sos or an extra sdt to prevent steal leaks
    HOW TO WAR HYBRID: Hybrid is the easiest and the hardest build to war at the same time. In theory, You just have to spam and eat ps1 regens/repins all war and try not to leak attacks to tanks and steals to ps1
    In general, in smaller tiers I would go x4/5 attacks on ps1 at start and then sit their regens since they’ll stay up.
    In t1, you’ll have to go harder at start since the ps1 will stay down all war however your wc asks you to
    STEAL MECH ON HYBRIDS: For hybrids to be dtw to steals, you’ll have to be zs and zg (zero gold)
    Midget hybrid build or the unfinished hybrid build: Now this is an interesting exploit build which can be used to counter ps1. It has both its merits and demerits to it. The advantage of this is that it can fb eat ps1 and not leak attacks or steals since it pays very little. The disadvantage is that it can be controlled easier with either assn at start or tanks skimming x2 attack for one regen to render it ineffective
    The build generally is 16 coe level 1/0 adt/ 6 sos level 1/ 2 sdt level 3
    The disadvantage to this is that its spy defense is only 313k so it is prone to assn from hybrids and ps1, the advantage is that it makes 5.4m from full and it can eat hard without leaking anything
    Another tweak to this build is, 15 coe L1/ 5 sos L1/ 4 sdt L3
    This one is harder to control with assn since it has a defense of 500k, the downside is that it makes lower plunder per hit
    The more ps1 in your team, the more effective your build is. The advantage is that ps1 can make a lot of gold off repins and steals (assn kos pay 20m from full). The disadvantage is that they’ll leak attacks to hybrids at start and in the absence of more such builds in their team, they’ll be down first 30 seconds
    WHAT TO BUILD: PS1 as the name suggests has only 1 troop building so please dont build anymore than 1. The build is generally 1 coe and rest sos and some sdt depending on which tier you’re in
    In T1, 1 sdt is good enough but in smaller tiers build atleast 2 or 3
    HOW TO WAR PS1: The most important thing for a ps1 is to stay banked all war and bt fast. If you have a slow internet connection or are generally lazy, this build is not for you. A ps1 has to be switched on at all times to spam their regens and limit leaks to enemy hybrids
    I generally have ps1 sit repins with assn for control and assn kos pay decent unless its a low sdt ps repin, in that case spam steals on them
    If you’re asked to xtal and steal down, i’d say steal till 40% then assn down low sdt tanks or high wr tanks or just tank the rest of the bar
    STEAL MECH: It is the same as hybrid, You’ll have to be zs and zg to be dtw to steals
    PS: Just dont cast it, cast ps1 instead. PS will always put their team at a disadvantage whether its accidentally koing someone and getting akoed later. War is about plunder and PS can’t plunder.
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  8. How do I upgrade equipment?
  9. You must have a level 3 castle to upgrade equipment.

    Go to the marketplace, tap the "Mage" tab. Enchantable equipment is displayed, tap a piece and then tap enchant (if you have enough aqua/inferno, the enchant button will be gray if not).