Guessing Game

Discussion in 'Activities' started by The_Giant_Killer, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Answers:
    1) needle
    2) elephant
    3) elixir of rage
    4) grass
    5) nomad star chart
    6) koala
    7) grandmas undies lol
    8) my brother lol
    9) kaw
  2. Now this can be locked I guess....
  3. I'm sorry is 8 posts not valid, is it that because I have 8 posts that I may not post my opinion? Or is it that someone objects to your down right stupidity and you can not accept that so you need to insult me for being new? Not to mention I am a smaller account hence the 2 in my name and have been inactive for nearly 60 days which is why I grow slow. Now before you insult me for having 8 posts learn something about who you insult before you insult them.
  4. Or perhaps you could stop making these useless spam threads which will ultimately get you forum banned. It will be your lose and I sit here snickering as you get banishes from the forums all because you wanted to be a troll.
  5. Says the guy who's 12 and can't stop spamming forums yet says he has to sneak around an iPod :lol:
  6. 9 definitely not this thread