Guessing Contest

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by JEDI-MAESTRO, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Secretly doesn't know what to make as a pet. Baits one lucky winner.
  2. Alligator Turtle
  3. I think you mean unicorn
  4. Spider pig! Come on..... Who didn't like the Simpsons
  5. A giraffe
  6. Need a bear, Otso was last one we saw and that was during black Friday deal. Long over due.
  7. Bot fly larvae..terrifying
  8. Half Hippo, Half Pig. Called it HippoProppaPig.
  9. It's going to be A Athinking Ape shaved bold with demon eyes and Claw Hands. Answers to The name of Winster!

    Im sure I did not just make that up.