Guessing Contest

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  1. Peacock Gryphon

    Since no one answered exactly correct, we went back to the closest answer,
    which was a Griffin, by:


    Congratulations to Alba, and thank you to all the participants!

    Looks like a fun Event!


  2. Lion from the movie NARNIA
  3. Lion from the movie NARNIA
  4. I said rainbow monster so I think I win :mad:
  5. Penguin mix crocodile look
  6. fire breathing asparagus with wings
  7. So next contests 
  8. Octopus or squid
  9. Next event will be some sort of bug like a scorpion
  10. Its a elephant in a monkeys body that has a snake as a trunk!
  11. I’m gonna guess something that lives in/near water. Perhaps a turtle or croc of some sort
  12. Flamingo or other water dwelling bird
  13. I think the pet I would want to see most would probably be something a little more serene and peaceful. So a panda would be good, or maybe they'll finally do a gorilla to go with their company name of "A Thinking Ape"

  14. Are you making fun of LGBT month?...
  15. T'was a joke man seeing as every company out there had made everything rainbow so why not kaw? You just sound like you're trying to be offended
  16. Half dolphin half penguin