Guessing Contest

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  1. Can You Guess the Next Pet?

    A new Event is inbound along with a new set of furnishings!
    As with all sets, there will be a new Pet for the right room slot!
    This contest involves guessing what the IN-STORE (not Top 10) pet will be!


    • 1.) Post your guess, on this thread, before the event release.
      2.) No generic guess, like "bird" or "mammal." (Which bird/mammal/insect, etc.?)
      3.) The first person to post correctly will receive a KAW Coffer from me.

    In the event that no one posts correctly, the winner will be determined by a pool of Moderators from the answers most closely associated with the correct answer.

    READY ... SET ... GUESS!


  2. Lion? Don we only get one guess or...?
  3. Black bird
  4. Rainbow monster to celebrate LGBT month ;)
  5. Iguana , lizard of some sort
  6. Not real animal
  7. Elephant
  8. I wand a PANDA
  9. Dragon of some sort
  10. Can you be more specific?
  11. Bulldog/Pitbull type large snarly dog thing...with big muscles and teeths
  12. Hammer head shark (I think that’s what they are called)
  13. An ape that looks like its thinking lol