Guess the Next Furnishings Theme

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  1. A Hell theme, maybe with inspiration from Dante's Inferno.

    For the pet, I'm guessing a phoenix or leopard or lion or maybe a wolf. The set will be black and red with lava accents.
  2. A worthless theme, just another theme for the dev's to get rich and the furniture and pet seakers to continue to spend money like zombies chasing worthless rewards
  3. I believe the next set will be created to resemble an autumnal forest.
  4. A fairy theme
  5. Cyclops pet n oceanic or cave furnitur . Unlikely
  6. I am guessing a pirate themed set. Think the autumn or Halloween themed set will come out in the following event to better coincide with Halloween
  7. Desert theme
  8. Ok, so no one got the answer 100% correct (yes, this one was a tad challenging), so I've chosen two winners from the submissions.

    1.) lNllOIDlIUIPIlLIilCIIAlTIEllSI guessed vampires, and since the right side throne piece is a vampirish coffin with loot, I'm awarding them a coffer.

    2.) MewTwo guessed a pirate theme, and since the greedy barrens have a bit of gambling and looting in their theme, I'm awarding them a coffer also.

    Thanks, all, for participating. We'll try and do this again in two weeks!
  9. A Party In Your Dorm themed.

    The pet will be Chad and his food will be a keg.

    Will also come with the KaW transfer gifts to PiMD and a good luck and so long package that'll include a KaW Ltd ed. Balloon Sword for your years of effort.
  10. I'm just gonna say that the next pet is a Lion
  11. Well it's a feline, wheres my coffer 😂😂😂
  12. Beach theme and the pet will be me in my blue speedos 😜
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  13. This thread is from a month ago lol
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  14. Dammit, well I tried! 😭😭😁
  15. Evil medieval saint Nick keeps nicking your troops foodstuffs/clothes.