Guess the Next Furnishings Theme

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  1. A new event is inbound, and I’m offering up a KAW coffer in honor of my buddy Kezzer who recently retired from service as a Moderator!


    1.) Post your guess to this thread as to what you think the next furnishing theme will be. (Overly vague and generic guesses will be overlooked.)

    2.) Upon reveal, I will select a winner from valid guesses.

    3.) If no one guesses correctly, I will select the answer that is either most creative or that I think would make a great theme in a future event (and will pass it along to devs for consideration).

    4.) Keep all comments and guesses on topic and within TOU.

    Guess away!
  2. I belive it will be an oriental themed set.
  3. It’ll be a Vampire Theme
  4. Halloween themed!! Carved pumpkins for a couple pieces of furn, maybe a headless horseman for pet? Equipment maybe scythe?? Halloween it is :)
  5. Steampunk - I would love a steampunk styled set
  6. Some kind of anniversary/celebration styled theme.
  7. Evil Krampus style for the winter months!!
  8. Autumn/harvest season theme on the spooky side.
  9. I really think there will be an underground sort of theme. Caves, hooks, tributaries, mole etc 😏
  10. I'm gonna say an ape as not done that theme yet
  11. Also Dude... Oriental is not the prefer nomenclature. Asian please😆
  12. Some sort of hell or fire underworld theme
  13. Kingkong for kaw bday🦍
  14. I am guessing a dragon theme to battle the asw knights
  15. Moderator themed... Throne of the Silenced, Pillars of TOU, Dias of the Banned...
  16. Make Event based on Global warming. For people awareness
  17. I think it will most likely be an autumn/Halloween theme with pumpkins and changing leaves.

    it would be nice to see an event with a Phoenix as a pet.
  18. An evil fairy style theme
  19. I think it will be a Mermaid, or Merman Furnishing theme!

    I would love that!!
    The colors would be blue/green for the Merman. For a Mermaid, I’m hoping a sparkly pink/purple, with undertones of silver/gold.

    —-Chandelier could be seaweed
    —-Mermaid food could be a clump of oysters.

    —- Throne room, could be coral inspired.
    —- Weapon could be a Trident, and Armor could be a breast plate of the mermaid/merman
    —- Walls could be a mixture of water, and sun coming down.

    I would be impressed if Kaw pulled this off!!!
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  20. It will be the Brexit Package? With Boris the clown Johnson as the Pet.
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