Guess the Next Furnishings Theme

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  1. A new event is inbound, and I’m offering up a KAW coffer in honor of my buddy Kezzer who recently retired from service as a Moderator!


    1.) Post your guess to this thread as to what you think the next furnishing theme will be. (Overly vague and generic guesses will be overlooked.)

    2.) Upon reveal, I will select a winner from valid guesses.

    3.) If no one guesses correctly, I will select the answer that is either most creative or that I think would make a great theme in a future event (and will pass it along to devs for consideration).

    4.) Keep all comments and guesses on topic and within TOU.

    Guess away!
  2. I belive it will be an oriental themed set.
  3. It’ll be a Vampire Theme
  4. Halloween themed!! Carved pumpkins for a couple pieces of furn, maybe a headless horseman for pet? Equipment maybe scythe?? Halloween it is :)
  5. Steampunk - I would love a steampunk styled set
  6. Some kind of anniversary/celebration styled theme.
  7. Evil Krampus style for the winter months!!
  8. Autumn/harvest season theme on the spooky side.
  9. I really think there will be an underground sort of theme. Caves, hooks, tributaries, mole etc 😏
  10. I'm gonna say an ape as not done that theme yet
  11. Also Dude... Oriental is not the prefer nomenclature. Asian please😆
  12. Some sort of hell or fire underworld theme
  13. Kingkong for kaw bday🦍
  14. I am guessing a dragon theme to battle the asw knights
  15. Moderator themed... Throne of the Silenced, Pillars of TOU, Dias of the Banned...
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  16. Make Event based on Global warming. For people awareness
  17. I think it will most likely be an autumn/Halloween theme with pumpkins and changing leaves.

    it would be nice to see an event with a Phoenix as a pet.
  18. An evil fairy style theme
  19. I think it will be a Mermaid, or Merman Furnishing theme!

    I would love that!!
    The colors would be blue/green for the Merman. For a Mermaid, I’m hoping a sparkly pink/purple, with undertones of silver/gold.

    —-Chandelier could be seaweed
    —-Mermaid food could be a clump of oysters.

    —- Throne room, could be coral inspired.
    —- Weapon could be a Trident, and Armor could be a breast plate of the mermaid/merman
    —- Walls could be a mixture of water, and sun coming down.

    I would be impressed if Kaw pulled this off!!!
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  20. It will be the Brexit Package? With Boris the clown Johnson as the Pet.
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