Guess the Mod [Game]

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  1. Welcome to Guess the Mod

    The rules of this game are simple. Below I will post the answers to some basic questions (mainly KAW related) that will help you guess who the Moderator is.

    You may only post once in this topic. Any more than one guess and you will be disqualified.
    You may not edit your post once it is posted.

    The first person to correctly identify a Moderator will be listed below in the winners list. After that all correct answers for that Moderator will no longer be needed.

    All listed are at the time of this post still currently a Moderator.

    Moderator 1

    Favorite war type?: OSW
    Favorite chat color: VK Blue
    Favorite EB series: Jorathe the Silver
    Left or right handed?: Left

    Moderator 2

    Favorite war type?: OSW
    Favorite chat color: Forum mod/PvP Orange
    Favorite EB series: Scrag the Bloodless
    Left or right handed?: Ambidextrous

    Moderator 3

    Favorite war type?: Round, Classic
    Favorite chat color: Gold
    Favorite EB series: Scrag the Bloodless
    Left or right handed?: Right

    Moderator 4

    Favorite war type?: Primal, Classic
    Favorite chat color: Moderator Green
    Favorite EB series: Apheriun of Exile
    Left or right handed?: Ambidextrous

    Good luck :)

    Follow this format

    Mod 1 - Name
    Mod 2 - Name
    Mod 3 - Name
    Mod 4 - Name

  3. Nope :p to make this clearer you should post in a format similar to this

    Mod 1 - Name
    Mod 2 - Name
    Mod 3 - Name
    Mod 4 - Name

    I will let the first 2 posts try again due to not knowing this however uraniumnuclear may not have another guess for mod 1
  4. Not many mods left these days shouldn't be too hard :lol:
  5. Mod 1 - Wulf
    Mod 2 - Chaos
    Mod 3 - JEDI-MAESTRO
    Mod 4 - Your_Karma_Bill_Is_Due_Nooblet

  6. Bella post in the correct format with all 4 guesses and I will reply.
  7. 1- Avatar

    ...wrong on all accounts eh?
  8. Mod 1-Petal/Vixen
    Mod 2-Eagle
    Mod 3 -Jedi
    Mod 4-Karma
  9. Sorry no correct answers there crow :)

    No correct either squishy
  10. Some of the moderators need to up their game, don't recognise some of them from wc or forums
  11. Mod 1 - Slayerbob
    Mod 2 - Moose
    Mod 3 - Petel
    Mod 4 - Eagle
  12. Mod 1 - Guessing it's..... A mod? Idk
    Mod 2 - Panda
    Mod 3 - Jedi
    Mod 4 - Saber
  13. Bob isn't a mod
  14. None correct so far although some correct names have been listed ;)
  15. Some could be on the opposite WC server to you :)
  16. Classic wars are the best wars. 48 hour wars with no rules strips allowed <3 moderator 3 and 4 just earned my respect. I never understood why people are complaining about a 2 hour war being too long.
  17. Code:
    Mod 1 - Moose
    Mod 2 - Eagle
    Mod 3 - Daphnia
    Mod 4 - Saber