Guess That Screenshot!

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Reid, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. A handle of a sword for one of the ebs.
  2. I'm spooked
  3. Dragon Minion Relic
  4. That one is hard!
  5. Dragon minion relic?

  6. Correct. Here's a new one:
  7. The left over contraception from last night?
  9. Scimitar
  10. chaos propack scimitar
  11. tits?
  12. Scimitar
  13. I'll have a few more ready in a bit.
  14. Sorry that my pictures are rather blurry, by the way. I'm too noobish to know how to make them a higher resolution.

    Anyways, here's another one for you.
  15. Burnish boots
  16. Burnished* but yes! Correct.