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  1. Are you are troll or just stupid
  2. Nah. I'd just rather people have to grind like I did
  3. Abuser. :'(
  4. thiswill b permanent if i had to guess. Not right now but eventually it will b back to stay
  5. Leave the plunder like this please. Now it will only take me a year to max build rather than 2 and a half years.
  6. This was a test I believe. If received well by the community, it'll likely stay.
    If you don't believe me, look at hte.
  7. Makes no sense.

    "Ohhh system is already such fast growth for noobs"

    "System made me grind for years"
  8. So you do not understand? I did not get new player plunder boost. I did not have equip to help me hit stronger ebs. There were no gowth weekends. New players have this. I've reset a few times as well
  9. Grow Weekend Become Alts Fiest and Flood Volley. Thanks thanks.
  10. Not as if you've been around the whole time mike
  11. Little high, little low
  12. I grinded my way to where i'm at.

    I don't subscribe to others claiming the Whales should be caught. They earned it thru years of playin. Thats obvious but that said i do agree the new ppl n smalls have a better chance to grow n enjoy more with this promo. Give the devs the opportunity to see the data n see what comes of it. Maybe 50% is too high of an increase but at least a sizeable increase will prove beneficial for KaW overall.

    Thx n i hope KaW continues to improve️
  13. Don't see the point in older players complaining about the plunder increase, this problem is recent due to the inflation HTE caused. Anyone playing before then won't deal the problem of being constantly stuck in the mid category or experience the problems involved with growth as a new player.
  14. Anyway the wind blows doesnt really matter to me...

  15. Mama, just killed a man, put a gun against his head
  17. The grind? Uve got a 3yr badge and barely anything to show lol. Your a perfect example why kaw needs this to b permanent. 3 yrs and ur 20m cs. There are hfbc accts that dont even have a yr badge. Its become so pay to get anywhere the free players have to get something like this. Spenders have hte. Larger vets have scrag ebs. Noobs have a 90m cs gap from them to tops n only make chump change unless u buy seals. This will stay like i said earlier. Id garuntee it comes back to stay