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  1. finally!

    they need to keep the Tier1, Tier 2 all month!

    thx devs
  2. Huh, they do listen...
  3. Thank you.
  4. Thank you, Devs! :D
  5. 50% more quest plunder please
  6. Support good move by the devs
  7. Open your eyes
  8. Thank you devs! Will definitely take advantage if the scrag drops when I'm not trying to get into a war.
  10. Yeah! Devs i love you!!!!
  11. Look up to the sky and see...
  12. Not sure if this is spam but I will be running b2b haunts for anyone to join, no stat requirements 
  13. Is this the event you said would be happening this week? Because this isn't much of an event.
  14. Great! A promo for all. Thanks devs!
  15. - Because this is

    Well done devs, 
    you really need to consider a permanent plunder boost to the lower tiers.
    Thank You !  
  16. I'm just a poor boy