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  1. This thread has aids written all over it
  2. No, just when you showed up
  3. Is this just fantasy?
  4. Kinda like my idea :)
  5. Great I look forward to it, as long as Zaft is still alive next weekend :D
  6. I'm glad u didn't include HTE and ROTWB
  7. This is awesome :D
  8. Nothing to do with that test of the new event system eh...??
  9. Grow weekend ... 50% for a few days of wb not gona do much. These free eb increases should be PERM to allow new and small accounts the ability to do some serious growing.

    The increased gold flow at the top has jumped a whole lot so their needs to be a perm increase at the bottom.
  10. Caught in a landslide...
  11. Nice. Very cool changing it up a bit.
  12. New abyss upgrades are coming kaw_admin?
  13. "Wahoooooo eb promo ( sarcasm)
  14. Thanks devs for this. First promo since a loooooooooooong time that doesnt involve hte. Keep it up
  15. Nice work devs.
  16. why not adding hte to the promo...?
  17. Wow nice :)
  18. No escape from reality
  19. Free gold. What's not to like about. Nice one devs