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  1. The time has come to grow!

    A large number of Epic Battles have had their payout increased by UP TO 50% until 12PM PDT on Tuesday May 19th.

    In addition, those who have already reached the Scrag the Bloodless and Wrath of the Sverganti Epic Battles will be able to enjoy an increased chance of obtaining Scrolls and Resonators during this time.

    50% Bonus Payout

    Calydor the Depraved
    Cover of Night
    Kingdom Assault
    To The Chamber
    The Depraved

    Z'uthmerak of Despair
    The Awakening
    The Despair
    The Forgotten Ones
    The Reckoning

    Usaris The Troll King
    Abandoned Kingdom
    Foreign Territories
    Battle Royale

    Thorak the Destroyer
    No Mans Land
    The Destroyer

    Apheriun of Exile
    The Haunting
    No Quarter
    City of the Dead
    Figure of Death

    Hawthorn the Wretched
    Talons of Carnage
    New Growth
    Scionic Storm
    Sporavek's Revenge

    Moutos the Malevolent
    The Barren Orchard
    Terrain Travails
    Crossing the Threshold
    Cave of Riches
    The Gilded Lord

    Skorpios the Deathstalker
    Storm the Palace
    The Viper's Den
    Desert Sting
    A Cold Calling

    10% Bonus Payout

    Jorathe the Silver
    The Frozen City
    Wasteland Wilds
    Glacial Squall
    The Sleeping Giant

    2X Scroll + Resonator Drops

    Drop rates for Scrolls from Scrag the Bloodless, and Resonators from Wrath of Sverganti have been doubled until 12PM PDT on Tuesday May 19th.

    Note: Blood Rains Epic Battles are not included.
  2. Woooooh

    No extra payout on HTE? Was looking forward to taking more gold from STF :(
  3. finally, this was needed badly :p
  4. Devs listened
  5. Cool. We should get a PvP bonus also
  6. Wow, support.

    Glad to see you are actually increasing free EB's plunder this weekend. Good job, I'm impressed.
  7. Nice! Ty Devs :)
  8. Amen
  9. No HTE or RotWIs this real life?
  10. What about Aff :eek:
  11. A scent of the 2013 summer promos! Yay. Thank you ATA - now start marketing kaw!
  12. Wonder how many people will wind up complaining that the devs didn't increase plunder on hte as well as all these ebs.

    Would be interesting if the devs decided to do something like this more often too
  13. Now can you tell us when season 5 is? 
  14. Is hte included?
  15. Funny how people complain about increases on HTE plunder and none on normal they increase normal eb and people complain about HTE plunder...
  16. Wow, impressive. Maybe season 5 is actually going to happen now 
  17. The devs listened. Support.