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  1. We need a group chat option so we can have a PM conversation with multiple people in it. This, not only, would improve the social aspect of the game significantly by integrating mutual friends into pm conversations rather than carrying on two or three separate conversations, but also this function would improve the strategic aspect of the game as well. Not only could a clan leader speak with all of his/her admins at once, but war clans could communicate important changes in strategy to each other without having to be consolidated in one clan. This would also eliminate the need for third party applications such as LINE. Not to mention, this feature would be linked with your ATA account, not to a LINE account which contains phone numbers, emails, and other sensitive information that could be accessed by the wrong people. This means that your players are safer and spending more time on you application rather than a third party application.

    So to recap: this feature would be great from a social and strategic view, it could help improve communication within clans on private matters, and it would improve player safety and overall playtime on the app.

    Thanks for reading this thread and I hope you'll consider this concept, have a great day and happy KaWing :)
  2. its called a clan chat lololololol... jk i support
  3. Tl;dr
    he wants group chat

    been suggested before, op
  5. LOL. No support. Don't really need it and I don't think communicating in cc is hard. But I won't complain if we get group chats
  6. Isn't it called line?
  7. Support
  8. We used to use Palringo. That didn't require all the info LINE does. wonder whatever happened to that.
  9. Been suggested before but full support