Gross Error in Primal Wars

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  1. First u take away bfa alienating the biggest oldest players. Now u make it so the higher the bfa the more u leak. Primal wars a brilliantly thought out plan. Congrats on this failure
  2. Primal wars now double anti-sh ;)
  3. To be fair it's better than SH wars,
    And the Individual wars aren't bad.
  4. "The higher the the bfa the more you leak" wut :/
  5. Do t think so chrys !! People having higher bfa have less towers (ADT) so the less tower u have the more u leak I think
  6. I cant say wether this is true or not. Some evidence points to yes. I will repost after I do some more testing and can say with certainty.
  7. You'd have to get two of the exact same builds
  8. Dev remove bfa/bfe in primal war. However, it seems that they forgot to remove the bfa in the computation of plunder earned, resulting that LB are earning lesser plunder and paying more as compared to a non-LB of similar build. Personally I do not think it is the responsibility of a paying customer to perform test on ur behalf. Do check your code, test it and give us an answer on this.
  9. Chryswa, I've been hearing others report on this higher the bfa the more you leak thing. Can you give us more data and proof to look at?
  10. If this is indeed true it's a problem that needs to be fixed
  11. It's true. He's right. It's been tested. No I have no ss. Just my word
  12. Another EE issue to complain about it. It's getting tiring hearing it everyday. EE always has and always will have issues. Deal with it.

    If you'd like to help try posting a well thought out thread and email instead of a small paragraph that just makes you sound bitter. You'll sound much more intelligent and also give the developers a lot more information to work with. If you were a professional would you take 2 sentences seriously?
  13. To be honest if you have crap towers because you have good bfa that is your own fault lol, allies can be stripped so you should always have decent towers anyway (depending on build of course)
  14. It's not about being bitter.

    If bfa/bfe doesn't count in primal, then it shouldn't count at all.

    It shouldn't be the case that you pay more and make less in primal bc you have bfa when bfa isn't supposed to count.

    Why should, say, laoda make nothing and pay huge when his war effectiveness is the same as an acct with his exact same build but no bfa?

    Again we need confirmation that this is true. But if it is, it should be fixed.
  15. I would completely agree with that golthar. There's nothing wrong with bringing up a good issue. My issue was with the method not the message. The op doesn't say anything about why builds with more bfa are leaky. How is the issue going to be fixed if it isn't addressed properly. For all devs know he could mean higher bfa makes build mechanics weaker. That's why it's important to post a well thought out and detailed thread for issues such as this if you hope for it to be heard
  16. Exactly Roland, I though he meant because people with high bfa might not invest much in towers XD
  17. Is it possible that the presumed leak is due to the type of attack buildings owned as opposed to bfa?
  18. Seems like it's the sort of thing that should be fairly evident if facing an lb player. If you make a lot more plunder on an lb in primal than u do against a comparable bc build with little it no allies that would be a good indication that bfa still counting for plunder calcs
  19. Should take the devs about 3 seconds to answer the question and post why but of course they are mia.
  20. It would take the devs a lot more to answer the question. You complain because they won't answer you, you complain about their answers, and then you complain that they answered you and weren't working on updates. Indi wars are the answer to every problem. Learn to wc and track, and you are good. Sure a higher chance of inactives, but the devs fixed that. Everyone will be in range of you.