Great news from -WarLoR-

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  1. Congrats & Best wishes To you both!!
  2. Congrats IMF and Amber:)
  3. This the dude that's rping with Tweety
  4. It's not rping with tweety.  They are very serious. ️
  5. So.. is this a rl marriage or kaw marriage...?
  6. A rl KaW marriage.
  7. It was full Greek Orthodox ceremony with xna as ringbearer, me as page boy I made that kilt look good, the lovely Bella and cherry as what can only be described as stunning maids of honor... The ceremony could have brought tears to a glass eye. Though that stag do will live in my memory and the memory of the Dallas fire department forever empy you are a legend
  8. So it happened in RL too? Like its both?
  9. So they have a serious rping realationship?
  10. Ofc
  11. Adrian. All a bit early dude. Leave the happy couple alone.
  12. For reals man...
  13. I knew that Adrian was after ambers cookies... Told you IMF I told you, we'll if you divorce I'm staying with Daddy IMF he buys me candy
  14. Yup I have adrian blocked n on permafarm atm
  15. Seriously though this dude has a pretend GF on a phone game.
  16. Latest news: Ambero and Gin ran off to Spain where they're drinking and frolicking in the sand. How could this have happened? Was Gin the one at fault? The answer is no. Ambero put her moves on Gin while IMF was busy hitting OSW targets. I will quote her pm to prove this. Amber: "So are u going to take me to Spain, Gin? ". IMF is now filing for divorce.... Who thinks a kaw relationship can last?!? I have many doubts :(