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  1. Wrong, everyone cares! How could you not? 50 shades of gray has nothing compared to this! Plus smushsmush with a floppy! If you don't care you have no heart! can't smushsmush with a floppy, I that case I'm sorry for your loss :(
  2. Nearly got a flop on reading this , enjoy it while it lasts , the flop on i mean.
  3. I should say that I observed the flame grow for the last year and I'm happy you guys finally took the big step. I loved the wedding and the red velvet cake was amazing.

    IMF and Amber I wish you the best for this new life you starting together.

    PS. Hope you liked the microwave.

    - Rumpy :*

  4. Umm..was that the microwave from our kitchen?
  5. Congratulations! Always love hearing this.
  6. IMF said he would love me long time. Hope he keeps his word
  7. You went to the ceremony?

    How many people did you recognize?

    Im confused if this is a kaw marriage or real life o_O
  8. Easily done Suptis2. I gather Ambero is still trying to work out if he married a horse or a guy......
  9. congradulations and goodluck :)
  10. I'll drop a seal for the first person who spots the error in the above. IMF, Cherry ur excluded
  11. Congrats Imf and Ambero
  12. U can kinda smash with a floppy Óź¶
  13. You're excluded*... but why... :(
  14. Think its time to reveal your true identity

  15. Ummm - not quite what I meant!
  16. Dunno why I didn't see that before!
  17. Congrats to both of you!!