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  1. Ahhh young ️
  2. It amazes me how KaW, for all its faults, has this amazing ability to bring people together. Anyone who says love can't develop through a game has never lived it. I've watched this relationship blossom over the last year and it truly warms the heart.

    Please take the time to congratulate both of them. I only wish we all can find such a strong, genuine and lustful relationship in our lifetime.

    Congratulations you two, KaW welcomes its newest, inseparable power-couple.

  3. Congratz and best wishes :)
  4. Well, that escalated quickly lmao...

    P.S. I hate chu all : D

  5. don't, and its.a little early to be out of the bed chamber after the everything flopping OK?
  6. Congratulations guys. Its great to see but now there's no escape from each other, you guys will know when the other is playing games instead of working or cooking n cleaning!!!

    Now, I wonder will they strip each other and who will be but-hurt, lol. Congratulations guys.
  7. 
  8. Grats you two. 
  9. You love us really.
  10. Orrrrrrrmmmaaaaaggrrrd i got staaannkkeennndrruunk and missed the entire ceremony.

  11. Congrats amber sis and imf
  12. Wohoooooo - my warmest congrats to you both!!

    However I protest that in forums I am consistently portrayed as the purple tele-tubby with a red handbag. Can I have a cooler character? Someone that matches my intelligence, daring, wit, sophistication and charm??

    But let's not digress - congrats to the happy couple! xx
  13. don't show up to a wedding and ask for a gift.
  14. Congratulations!!!!

    May you two have many teletubbies
  15. 
  16. Congrats! Boss man and ma'am!!
  17. The ceremony was breathtaking, their vows made all tear up ever so slightly... If only we all could find this everlasting love. My favorite part of the ceremony was watching IMF gallop away with Ambero on his back, her hair blowing in the wind, and his words, "you can smash with a floppy after all!" I still tear up just thinking about it. Congratulations IMF and Ambero!
  18. See told you smashing with a floppy was possible! #truelove
  19. There are no words. It touches your soul