Great Job on the ASW Devs

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Lol too bad it's not a love game. That would be classic. 
  2. focus on the topic frog. lol
  3. How about, instead of shortening the war, we extend it to something like a week?

    That way people don't even have the option to turtle through the entire thing and it's fought like an OSW would be?
  4. ASW for top 10k it's stupid. It should be reserved for the best ppl in game.
  5. So rank determines how good you are in war? Since when?

    I'm a small, unranked hansel. I have one small ally for max plunder and not a single EB item. But I bet you anything I can out-war 90% of the top 5k players in this game. Based on the ASW threads I've read, most of them don't even understand basic game mechanics.
  6. Size=/= best
  7. ... Hmm. A thread regarding the ASW that doesn't contain stuff saying "It was rigged" or "It's filled with noobs".
  8. Clear, concise treatise with salient points. Nice post OP!
  9. Hmm. I guess this thread is well thought out and it is refreshing to see an ASW thread with no screaming about noobs, however I do take a bit objection with the OP talking about specific clans and details in the clan with an alt.
    If you want to talk about what it was like in doom or death or wherever the heck you were, do it with that actual account. It seems chicken to talk about with an account the obviously wasn't in the war. Frog out
  10. The philosopher is an alt, an has always kept the main hidden so don't expect him to talk up now. Also, chongo was in cc at least 5 times, though I didn't see him once in the last war.