goos guide to eb

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  1. And plz always remambur to use the repaet actionz buttan k thx
  2. Best of
  3. Great thread bro it's my tried and tested method works every time lol
  4. Bump, cause this thread can help so many ppl 
  5. You're a genius Gooey

  6. Thx this guide helped me a lot because I am a eb fairy and stuff
  7. What do I do if I'm silenced and I'm being pinned
  8. You seriously want me type up guide on eb if silenced and pinned 
  9. Oooo gooey make a thread on successful ally scamming.
  10. Bump!
  11. lol 
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  13. Goo how come you don't share this valuable information with us loyal clannies?!? And here I've been wondering how these eb things are done... SUPPORT!
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  16. Goose luck :D .
  17. Adding good guide to idiots
    People who think they Are online that makes them better than they feel in rl
    Sort rl out
  18. If your a Tossers ur always a Tosser online or anywhere

  19. HMMMM GEE I am married. It's all I have left..... But seriously I laughed again at this thread. Shame Omar is no longer with us i miss that guy.
  20. Oh magoo. You've done it again 