good colleges

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  1. Depends what u want to do with ur life but indiana is good an a too school for smarts. Unless ur really smart harvard or yale lol
  2. who needs guidance counselors when you have kaw forums?
    op, what are you looking to major in?
  3. Yale. You seem smart enough.
  4. UND (University Of North Dakota) has dorms, and an excellent aerospace school. GO SIOUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :D :) :p :D :) ;)
  5. For engineering I've heard of a few schools. Heard Purdue in Indiana was good and can't remember what the other one was
  6. I actually went to UND luckily didn't have to live on campus being military. But great school if you love to party lmao
  7. West Texas A M University great school and one of the cheapest in the nation.