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  1. I want a college that has dorms and that is a good college. Comment below colleges
  2. That way you can get a masters in roleplay.

    Rumours are DirtyLarry is professor.
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  5. "Comment below colleges"

    So you want us to say..


    There you go
  6. Drexel is good also Adelphi are both university's
  7. Texas AtM or Stephen F Austin state university!!!!
  8. LSU all the way!!!
  9. University of Alabama is a good one. I went to Oregon State University for a time, good college.
  10. Often times depends on what field you're planning on going into and also thinking about cost and requirements.
  11. Hunter college
  12. Cambridge or Oxford are very good universities.

    Depends what you study though, a school may have a crap name in some departments but world class in others.
  13. This is what guidance counselors are for
  14. First off don't go to a for profit college ever. Otherwise, just figure out basic things like what major you want to do, how far away you will travel to college, how good the different departments are at different colleges, and other things. Also focus on the academics of a school rather than how well the sports teams are.
  15. Harvard lolol
  16. I hear IU is good for business, wish I would have gone there...

    Ohio State is cool though got a lot of people
  17. UF is a pretty good college to go to. Easy access to fake ids and workers don't card as much there for alcohol.