Gold-Plated Greaves

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Dignified, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Also with showcase now its a big eq into a charm with other eq to replace it as equipped.
  2. I gave up on mine recently. Shelved them for good. Think I had something like 40 resets at lvl 9 and that's not including all it took to get to level 9.

    Also someone mentioned how awesome the bow was. I remember when I finally got into a family of clans (Rivers of the Underworld) being invited to go do a TGL and failing most of my attacks but being lucky enough to get that first time. That single piece of equip made it so I could hit most ebs fairly consistently at the time. That was an awesome little bow!
  3. Damn. I found the things at level 3 and after enchanting 30 odd times they are at level 0!

    I strongly echo the buzz I got from getting equip from ebs. The tfl bow took about a year! Diamondiferous was a deal too.

    Everyone knew the names of the equip when it was eb based. Now it's all a load of here-today-gone-tomorrow junk, even if some of it does look cool :/