Gold-Plated Greaves

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Dignified, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. I just wanted to brag to everyone that I finally got my GPG to lvl 10 after 136 attempts and 21 different resets.

    Look at them and be jealous.

    I have proof for mods if they think this is a poop post.
  2. This is definitely a poop post regardless of your evidence... :cool:

  3. You're just jealous m8. After all these years I got the greaves to lvl 10.
  4. Why even bother these days lol
  5. I guess I could ask you the same thing @45m cs. Just because?
  6. No I meant why even bother enchanting equip, better equip from events that enchant easier lol
  7. Congratulations .What eb are they from ? i got the archandian greeves up to level 6 yesterday and it reset back to level 3. These old eb equipment are the best because we had work hard to win them .The newer equipment i dont feel any accomplicement when i win them.
  8. The barren orchard
  9. Still upgrading my 2012 championship ring..but then, I only get aqua/inferno from events these days due to our small homey clan size :p

    Edit: I suppose I could spend 7.5 billion each for 1 inferno, since I'm slowly stacking up Aqua. That's an option, I guess :p
  10. I remember when the pantherine equip used to be OP :lol:
  11. Nether realm booby plate still strong ️️️
  12. That's not even a rare piece of equip to have... Pretty common tbh :lol: stop pretending you're using it bcos its vintage rather than the reason it's the only chest plate you got ;)
  13. I recently got the icetail to level 12 that failed a lot

  14. I remember moose's thread, ' The grief of the greaves.'

    I thought it was funny at first, but after having 20+ resets I gave up on these damn things. Grief of the greaves indeed.

    I talk about throwing my phone out the window a lot, but I seriously almost did it with this particular equip.

    Thank goodness the more recent equip is more forgiving.

    Congrats on the +7
  15. They were one of the weakest sets bro
  16. I remember hunting for the storm bow o.o was amazing for me even unenchanted.

  17. Damn you I checked mine they were at 6 I tried going further after 2 resets and several fails I got em to 7
  18. Congrats, those things hate mages.
  19. I'll be honest, I am extremely jealous. I try periodically still, last time being about a month or so ago where I blew about another thousand inferno trying to get them upgraded and they're still at level 1.

    Update: As of 2 mins ago I upgraded them to level 10. Muahahahahaha! Thanks Kitty for giving me the strength and courage to try again. Owe it all to you. :lol:
  20. Yes its lost on many ppl the fun it was to get the big EQ drops if lucky from eb's.
    Aaah but now EQ is a guarantee & EB EQ about as relevant as Mith EQ now.
    We all recall how hard it was to get the BOW to drop. I was pretty lucky on my 2nd eb but many ppl took many months & that was fairly common at that. Heck little did we know how big the Abyssal would become also.