Gold Creation Exploit - Fixed

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by admin, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Been seeing a lot of statless 3T accounts , on the value LB.

    That have anything to do with this?

    And why not release the names admin?
    You did do so, for the last bot episode.
  2. Good work there devs.

    @Nighshade, I think those 3T worth allies were created back when we had volley transfer exploit, which was strategically fixed.
  3. Have the devs taken into consideration the ppl who might of been stripped with these funds created?
  4. Woohoooo!!!!! Congrats devsyou da boss
  5. Name and shame devs. But before you do, maybe make a 'glitch' that locks them out of their accounts for the same length of time of the original exploit. I'm sure the community will sort the rest out for you. 
  6. I view this as unfair to the people who were stripped of the gold and/or banned accounts.

    This was a server error, created not by the players but by yourself(devs) or the kaw server itself--the players simply took advantage of their discovery. Its just like finding treasures in the middle of a mountain-would the government strip the people of their discovery if they found out? Probably not.

    On another hand, since you(devs) fixed THIS exploit, what about all the EE types..whatever that countless people has mentioned?

    At last, youre(devs) so quick on fixing this probelm, what about the equipment preview?? If posted AFTER the season ends(which is about 12 from now), then its not a preview at all!
  7. Sunny, like devs said- Thę only ones getting banned are the ones who PURPOSELY made alts to stack up even more gold. They knew it was wrong and therefor did it anyways. They deserve there ban.
  8. Anyone who exploited this was cheating and deserves there bans and gold taken away, regardless If an error made by Devs or not.
  9. since you've sorted it out, would you mind telling us what kind of exploit you were reffering to?
  10. your 'treasure chest' metaphore is irrelevant man, you use the system weakness to take advantage from it, is that a 'oh crap found a treasure chest' for you? 
  11. Plus technically BY YOUR METAPHOR the government put that chest there without knowing it, that guy was just there randomly, and how did the government find out?
  12. Let's be honest if most if you knew about it and how to do it you would have. I know I would have at least tried. I see both sides but devs ****** up and act like their players are horrible people.
  13. so you should not mad when they take it away right? since it's gov's?
    and you will not get banned if you dont make alts so no worries..
    also i wouldnt lie to you i woul've done it also but i wouldnt be mad if devs take it away since it's not mine, most ppl hardly get 30bil a day nowadays, for ee warrers with towers it even worse so dont blame kawmunity if we want some justice right? you guys get trillions in no time while we technically a bil every month 
  14. Errmaaa gawwwdd!!!!! stop whining they knew it was an exploit when they did it, so if they lose the gold they cheated to get then nothing has really been lost for those players has it? And if you didnt do the exploit u havent lost or gained anything either! God this game is full of whiny pricks!
  15. Sounds whiney to me lmao
  16. Sounds like I was right last night when some guy made a thread about this :lol: I told him it was a possible exploit and he didn't believe me.
  17. Wow clearly can't detect sarcasm either, don't understand how pointing out that nobody lost or gained anything by doing the exploit/ not doing it, constitutes as whiny but each to there own
  18. This is horse manure devs. Batt was just changing his build during EE wars. Purchased nobs, and now you decide it's an exploit? I think your time will change if we decided to make your precious mods share the same punishment 

  19. Nash , yes.
    But lately , in the last two weeks, seen quite a few of these 3t vollied up inactives on the LB.

    Wonder if there's any link between this and what the devs are talking about. Cause I found it weird, that with the new drop rates, players were still doing such huge amount vollies.
  20. Dev, pls post out their name. Disgrace those bugger!!!!!
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