Gold bars

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by slippy2012, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Pointless request since I can buy and sell any amount of bars at once faaaaaaaaar bigger things to worry about in game

    No support won't happen just use quick mafs for easy buying and selling
  2. Big support...I need more gold's to upgrade
  4. No support. We already have silver bars. Deal with the inflation. :)
  5. Been requested a hundred times. Boring game is boring.
  6. Why gold bars what's the point??? If owt just make the gold from silver bars more..simple
  7. #thisisanimportantsubjectandimgladitisbeingdiscussed
  8. Why is it stupid to talk about having gold bars added so people build faster without having 100k silver bars or more.just to buy that next land or upgrade
  9. No need for them and devs should focus on more important can it be a problem with 100k sb?and how would gold bars make any difference? Have to type 3 zeros less?
  10. So instead of getting 1000sb you get 1 or 10 gold bars, whats the point of that?and how would that make is build faster?

  11. Exactly !!!

  12. Ask for bitcoin

  13. Crypto Bars When?
  14. #frigginstupid!!!!!
  15. I'd prefer a mars bar ftw
  16. They can do the same way they introduced the silver bars by tying them into events and to get more gold bars if a player takes part in PvP event. Helping us all grow faster.