GlooMi's Guide to Writing 3.0

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  10. Lol I just happened to reread this guide and got to the subjects/Genres a) writing to your audience part and I've just realized how the story I'm co-writing: FTLOC(For the love of cookies), go's against that part of the guide
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  14. I read this whole thing and it's incredibly good 
  15. Hey can some one help me I used ur guide is it good

    It was dark in the woods and colder than usual but that didn't bother kate, she came into the woods every night collecting wood for her father. She lived in a small log cabin on the out skirts of the forest her farther was a timber merchant who sold wood to everyone across the realm. It was getting late and as Kate was returning home she heard a blood curdling scream, her farther.
    She dropped her basket and ran. Ran towards the noise. She got to the clearing and nothing prepared her for what she saw, the log cabin was on fire and only half of it was standing up. there were four people, not the people she would see every day these were different, hardy humans.they were clad in long, black robes covered in blood splatter from the souls they have killed. there faces covered in black bandages showing only there left eye. They look like shadows Kate thought to her self. She kept out of sight but then she saw her father. He was on his knees and looked battered and worn out the shadows had him. one had a fierce looking blade rust covered the whole thing and was splashed in dry blood. It was held under her farther's chin and in one quick movement the thing slit his throat. Kate screamed then clasped her hand over her mouth, all four shadows looked at her, she turned and ran.
  16. Maybe it would be a good idea to point out the importance of drafting out a plan? Basically just roughly outlining what you're going to write etc etc... May seem futile but it helps, a lot. I mostly skimmed through the guide, (nice job btw) so you might have already said so... :)
  17. @inglorious... Nobody like reading blocks of writing. Space it out with paragraphs.
  18. But... Good effort. Actually better than most i read on here. :D