GlooMi's Guide to Writing 3.0

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  1. Are you an English teacher?
  2. well said, thank you for your time. I'm glad I took the time to read your guide.
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  3. I found this guide very interesting to read. I’ve dabbled in fiction writing and original pieces and poetry, fan-fictional one-shots, short stories, and chaptered work with over a hundred thousand words (took me months of writing to do). I’ve dabbled with a few genres too, comedy, suspense, drama, sci-fi, romance and thrillers. There really is no limit when writing.

    I usually go with third person in my writing and sometimes use second when I talk directly to the readers. I didn’t actually realise there were two categories in third person, even though I’ve used both without knowing when writing. So that was interesting to find out.

    Personally I can’t stand first person writing. I much prefer third, and second if the writer can pull it off as you said. I’ve read some very good second person fictions.

    But this is a great guide for anyone looking for tips on writing!
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  5. It is pinned, in the ff section.
  6. I agree! I’m literally in the middle of writing a fantasy novel myself and saw this in active topics and read the whole thing... pretty cool guide. Thanks for the bump to active topics lol :p
  7. It is a pretty good guide, definitely worth it for writers who need the extra advice! Good luck with your writing! 
  8. Great work. Lots of effort
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