Glitchy ally market

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Azzaro, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. I've gotten pretty sick of this the past month but after the 3rd ally page my game crashes. I can't load any further into the ally market and have an inability to attack eb's. Thus having to refresh the app every time I look for allies to hire.

    So I'm asking has anyone found a fix for this on iOS?
  2. I haven't had this issue, but then again I don't go past the first page in finding allies, and actually I don't even use the ally page often. Just hire people in starter clans lol.
  3. Know how to use the market you wouldn't need to go past the first or second page
  4. Can't seem to replicate your issue, can only suggest that you email with screenshots and a detailed description of what's going on!

    Basic advice is make sure you're using the most up to date version of kaw :) but there's not much anyone else can do for you I'm afraid!

    Hope it gets resolved!

  5. Followed you could use your insight
  6. ......notes that snoopy has garbage inactive maybe not the best advice
  7. Stop using a back page app.....
  8. Fix for iOS? Get an android.
  9. This is total rubbish, if you go through all the ally pages then more often than not you will find allies that make the first few pages look super overpriced...
  10. I agree but if ur looking for an active i wouldn't even bother wit the ally list, i find the quickest selling allies searching clan lists n eb history.
  11. I have had this for a while, every 2-3 pages will come up with an error saying something like cant find allies try again. if i sit there for about 60 seconds i can normally advance to the next page
  12. this isnt a glitch i dont think if you are looking at all the allies thus loading profile pages up each time

    if you try buy mass allies you come across the same glitch

    sucks when trying to strip someone lol
  13. Agree. And surprisingly you can find actives past some pages while first page are all dead inactive accounts.