Give us Equip for PvP Event.

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  1. Simple. Give us a reason. Whats the point in getting no sleep every weekend for a few favors? Give us equip that rivals the eb equip. Or better.
  2. Why not!
  3. It goes towards eb event eq already as is.
    Welcome to the world of eb's lol
  4. I don't know about an equip you're only hitting farms ya bunch of nooblets I support a small permanent stat item like the side legends.
  5. For once u post something tangible
  6. I support an equip for an actual event like we had a few months ago. One that forces you to hit actual, live, active players.

    Not for the 'farm your favorite ps' event every weekend.
  7. Could always do PvP specific equip that only worked when cast for PvP events or something.
  8. Devs don't give a crap what you want
  9. No support. Eb fairy is the way to go. ️
  10. For people only doing pvp event, you dont get equip. You get a token for equip that you can't get if you dont hit an eb.

    The entire game revolves around the illusion of choice. Sure, you can strictly do osw. But then you fall behind the osw clans that run hte for funds. Sure you can strictly do ee, but for what? A bonus that doesnt affect ee. Sure, you can do strictly pvp events. But you fall behind in equip. Change this system. If i want to pvp, without losing an edge because everyone else is too busy hitting a fake ghost who has been reborn like 10 times, then give me some equipment for being one of the few people trying to live up to this games name.
  11. This
  12. We do need another one of those, that event was awesome.

    Hopefully after all these new legends/features (trading) finish being rolled out we will see their priorities align with that of the communities. If anything, atleast throw us a bone and repeat the pvp event from a couple months ago.
  13. lol yall still asking devs for stuff they don't care
  14. Is so true, devs don't care

    Take out your wallet and go for top ten legendary equipment