Give Clan’s More Slots

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  1. Hi Kaw and Devs,

    Let’s get some clan rewards going for being in the top 50 for a whole year. Might wake up clan loyal and definitely get clan admin working to keep their clans up there I’d suggest. I don’t find it fair that 1 possibly 2 clans have more than 100 slots (IG and another old clan)

    Here’s the thought of you make the whole year in the below then you get that reward!

    Top 5 Clan for 12 months
    Extra 10 clan slots (Capped at 150 total slots)

    Top 20 Clan for 12 months
    Extra 5 clan slots (Capped at 150 total slots)

    Top 50 Clan for 12 months
    Extra 1 clan slots (Capped at 150 total slots)

    I’d also suggest that if the Devs want a lesson in business they give me a call and I’ll show them how to make money out of this game!
  2. That “other old clan” is the foxes I believe., Pollyanna and runnybunny taught me the game. The clans got extra slots for being in the first system war.
  3. Thanks for that, you are correct.
  4. I like this outside the box idea. Clan loyalty has been the factor that the Devs have always said they wanted to get back.
    It has potential for them to make money.
  5. I like your take on making clan limit at 150, they should have done that years ago. I like how you add incentives for clan loyalty too. Support
  6. Thanks BMG
  7. Thanks MW.
  8. Support!

    Clan loyalty rewards have been talked about for a LONG LONG time...
    This seems like a good step towards that direction.

    Thanks OP!
  9. Cool idea but for a clan in the TOP 10 to hit your cap it will take 5 years. And clans don’t need more spots they are fine. Find a clan to join. This isn’t the loyalty clans need. They need a reason for people to not leave the clan.
  10. A top clan gets more slots, which makes it easier to remain a top clan, and then get more slots? Seems more like a case of "the strong get stronger faster" than clan loyalty. Good for top clan loyalty, sure, but has zero impact on smaller clans--in fact, it would make it harder for smaller clans, since the top lb clans would get even stronger by having more members. Even harder to catch up/break into lb ranks.
  11. How would the devs make money? They make their money by clan hoppers who pay for seals to get their weekly legend items. Clan loyalty is a thing of the past. You have your home clan and that’s it. It’s not like it used to be and adding in pointless freebies for just remaining in a clan is not going to make the devs money. Good suggestion, but you’ll need to bring more to the table than clan loyalty and more slots.

    No support.
  12. I agree make pay to play clans bigger
  13. Although not directly relating to extra slots i have a suggestion for clan loyalty that may work. The clan owner has 100% plunder bonus to ‘distribute’ to clan members however they wish. Once distributed it ties the player % plunder bonus to that home clan.
    If he/ she hits in home clan they get the bonus. If outside the home clan they get minus that bonus ( negative). The player is effectively under Contract to a home clan for say a year.

    At end of year they may chat to owner to get/ negotiate a higher % bonus or look elsewhere.

    This scenario works in real lifewith say football players on teams and should work in kaw. Owners can kick inactives and not renew contracts and bonuses ofc

    This type of scenario may improve clan loyalty imo.

  14. Support
  15. Just because you have 100 alts doesn’t mean they should all be allowed in 1 clan patman

  16. ...Silph talking about clan loyalty...dude ran faster than a Kenyan after a burrito when osw started . Anyways ...9 years in if you haven’t figured out clan loyalty it ain’t ever going to happen.
  17. Most clans can't even fill the 100 slots. You'll just see strong clans get strogner as thrawn said.
  18. I understand what your saying but it’s the top clans that run the biggest ebs like Sucker Punch has been this whole event. This game is about one thing, it’s a business, this idea is good for business Thrawn.
  19. This exact idea may not necessarily be the answer, but getting folks pondering what can be done to improve the clan situation cant hurt. Extra slots could be factor though i would cap it at 20 extra spots. The contracts bonuses idea of Silphs has merit as well. Like the events and pvp stuff the more original things get the better. Will be interesting to see where this goes
  20. No one has 100 alts that are active enough to be top 50 clan and I agree with you.