Girls won

Discussion in 'Wars' started by LadyTyphoid, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Lol this is my only account. I haven't made any alts yet, waiting until this one is bigger
  2. lAdY TYphOiD iS SexISt
  3. Take away the St
  4. I thought women dont lie? Taking away the "st" will create a lie.
  5. Not gonna lie i laughed when i read that
  6. That's good, guess girls win after all
  7. Acceptance at last.
  8. Women may have won this war but they also have won my heart :cry:
  9. You seem adequately saddened by that.
  10. Yeah, I just got tired of arguing with someone who hasnt realized that everything she owns in life is because of a man
  11. I have a sugar daddy? GASP :eek:
  12. I, the legendary build dropper, declare guys as the winner because while the women were awake 4 hours before 8 am we were asleep dreaming of boobies, whos the real winner?
  13. I keep seeing this dumb post never read it.
    Today I looked at it and saw this comment...

    I can't stop laughing now
  14. Lol it's funny how lomg you can bait people into commenting on stupid posts by trolls like me :)
  15. Trolls like me*
  16. Bump so people can see how stupid this was
  17. Bump lost people forget history and we repeat it
  18. Lmao is this what kaw has come to? God I’m glad I quit 