Girls won

Discussion in 'Wars' started by LadyTyphoid, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. No I'm a lady
  2. Woah woah woah i asked several times what the hell was happening and no one told me, i sense some shady dealings
  3. Wut ???
  4. You're an idiot. Classic women move right there
  5. Sometimes women are not smart and make mistakes. Like when your mother had you.
  6. Remember the last 4 wars that the men won...*clears the smell of estrogen*
  7. No because I wasn't there but if I was, girls would have won.
  8. Why weren't you there? Because you didnt want to lose? You only do wars insofar as it will guarantee a victory for you?
  9. I've been playing 1 year....
  11. So the other post is a sexist troll post and gets locked but this one is not? Thank you keezer for obliging us with double standards and hypocrisy. Useless mod.
  12. Fyi I've been keeping an eye on this thread and the issue is that it's not the whole thread that is the issue it's a few individuals. I've not had the time to go through this properly whereas the other thread was sexist and clearly not acceptable from the start.
  13. there has been little productivity throughout the whole thread tbh
  14. Ah, so men can be sexist but women can't? Wouldn't this violate the supposed "gender equality" women push so hard for? Or is this "gender equality" fought for insofar as it is convenient for women, but when things like this post arise, gender equality seems to have gone out the window.
  15. Wait so its sexist because girls beat boys at war? LOL. Omg! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Any Male trying to say this post is sexist is obviously a sensitive little sore loser snowflake. Wow, just wow.
  16. You replied to my post with yours (on a smaller alt). My post is bragging about girls winning the battle of the sexes war.
    Yours was just bashing women.
    Its hilarious you choose to ignore the difference.
  17. Thank you for delivering lolz, Typhoid.
    You know you’ve offended all the crybaby boys when they come out with the kitchen jokes. :lol:
  18. its not sexist at all, guys are just butthurt they lost
  19. Lady understands my reasoning. One post is stating the girls won (offer a rematch and see what happens) and the other was a purely sexist thread.

    I'm a guy and I think this thread is stupid as it's just an ego boost for a war that never happened but the other thread was clearly not acceptable.