Girls won

Discussion in 'Wars' started by LadyTyphoid, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. More like you had the set up time be 4am on a Sunday morning and nobody contacted anyone as reminded. Well nobody contacted me at least.
  2. heard of hidden ADT thou?
  3. Butt u no gurl
  4. Why are you too scared to talk on your main? Must be because of my scary attack. Aww.
  6. Lmao this is my main, I have better things to do than drop hundreds on a game
  7. Yea like comment on my forum post :lol:
  8. To funny men can't get their crap together and blame us. Lmfao, only comeback is why are we not in the kitchen..... Well because I'm out making a crap load more money than you in the work place. That on top of having kids caring for elderly parents, and a disabled husband. Y'all can't even grocery shop without a lady making you a damn list.
  9. TLDR?
  10. I thought you guys only made like 75% of what we do...

    Dang it. Patriarchy failed again. Should we try again boys? :lol:
  11. Bump to show that some women want "Equality" But in all trueness want to be superior Also wage gap doesn't exist
  12. Who needs to organize? Just find a woman and slap her in the mouth...done deal.

    Tic not advocating violence so don’t get panties in a wad. Is panty reference insulting? Good. 
  13. So much hate by the males, jealous of our superiority.
  14. Superior in your ways of wasteful spending and sleeping everywhere
  15. Don't hate me cause' you ain't me
  16. get the booty
  17. What is with this new pirate rp craze? I see it everywhere!
  18. I don’t mean to keep bumping this post, but why do you feel the need to try to convince people you are superior Lady? Aren’t we all supposed to be humble in victory?
  19. They don't need convincing, they all know. Regardless of if they will admit it or not.
  20. Agreed!