Girls won

Discussion in 'Wars' started by LadyTyphoid, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. So the men couldn't organize a clan in time for war.
    The females won because the men were too scared to fight us.

    Bow down to the Kaw Godesses.
  2. ew wet us a gurl
  3. Typical females. Desperate for a ff win
  4. We was ready to war but boys were a no show because they knew they wouldn't win.
  5. Boys didn't show up because it was a blood moon and everyone knows that the blood moon gives women blood powers.
  6. Why aren't the girls in the kitchen where they belong?
  7. Do you enjoy food poisoning?
  8. ur build kinda ugly
  9. Who doesnt?
  10. XD I know, right?
  11. Ye mem is uglee
  12. u es ugli
  13. beg rood
  14. I cud habe faced this ladies ol by ma self an win. I don like bin a bully tho
  15. M8 u dunt evan no how to war cus u is tienee noob
  16. Dont talk to my servant like that. I’ll mess u up
  17. Be careful, Salty. She'll get you with her blood powers
  18. I'm not wasting my blood powers on these kaw noobs.