Ginger Army 20 May 2015

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  1. Hello KaW.

    Today is the international Kick... Err... Kiss a Ginger Day! It is the one special day we celebrate the wonderful addition that Gingers make to KaW, and less importantly, the world.

    Gingers cop a lot of jealousy for their incredible good looks, fashionably pasty Twilightesque skin, balanced tempers, and natural resistance to gingivitis.

    Without gingers, the world would be a far quieter. After all, the greatest singer of all time is a ginger:

    Thor is a ginger:

    And this dude who couldn't fit on a floating door:

    And this empowering role model for women everywhere:

    So as you take your next celebratory sip of Ginger Ale, and relax back with your 56 iPods to enjoy the PVP event, remember this: you went Ginger on May 20.

    Congratulations, welcome to the Ginger Army. You are now one of us. Leave your souls at the door. ๎–

    ๎Œญ Daph.

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    Oh dear...the ginger rebellion begins...
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    I was all ready to love this thread and then...

    Taylor swift ๎‡
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    I do not support this on the grounds that Taylor swift looks hotter blonde.
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    Lol a ginger day really?
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    Kaw girl actually looks better.
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    Ginger girls look fine though

    Support bc of that๎
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  9. Re: 20 May 2015

  10. justin is greatest singer of all the times?
  11. Support to kick Justin Bieber day

    No support to gingers stealing my soul.
  12. Daph 1/1 scout np
  13. No Support
  14. This is discrimination

    BaN daphnia from forums
  15. Taylor Swift as a ginger looks like the girl in the wendy's commercials, also GINGERS RULE COME AT ME
  16. Dont worry everyone. I got connections and my people are pulling all sunscreen off all the shelves in every country.

    The gingers wont survive summer.
  17. Some gingers rarely burn though it's a stereotype they do while most do burn easy a small percentage don't. You may get most of the gingers find but not all of them.
  18. if you opt in, you are a ginger
  19. Uhm.... Ok?
  20. Am I allowed to make carpet matching drapes jokes?