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  1. When is gifting coming? It says soon but it said that a while back. And it has yet to come.
  2. Devs still trying to figure out how to get ppl to pay for it, until then its still gonna be mia
  3. Cuz why would the devs release something that doesnt cost money
  4. I see your point.
  5. Cause they are super generous And value our existence?
  6. What up dude
  7. Why dont they advertise this game. This is why the game is dying
  8. I have a solution , yet I am new to the game I think in this way = it depends on the gift , make people pay speakers for it like 25 or more , so they need to buy more speakers with crowns that cost money. And their daily speakers will be gone until next day or they could buy more to chat with ppl... I’m just thinking like that , or you can make the gifts cost gold - trillions for each maybe?
  9. Gifting is coming soon.
  10. Gifting will just be the same as on pimd if it actually gets released. So yeh basically what you said some things will cost nobility and some will cost gold.
  11. I have finally arrived
  12. >8 hours old
  13. Let's hope it's free
  14. They already make tons of gift money off the other ATA game lmao
  15. Devs? Generous? 