Gifting is coming soon

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  1. I would like to see... 'crux and fates boon' as gift able items what would you like to see??

    keep it realistic on topic have your say!
  2. Nobs, seals, crystals , and equipment
  3. Ability to gift aqua and inferno please

  4. What I would like to see you farming whole clans again. Hope you didn't delete them off your wall. Best wall I've ever seen was you declaring war on a whole clan and stripping there members 1 by 1.
  5. Oh shut up cry baby nobody cares what you think

  6. Not much intellect going on here...
  7. Support
  8. How about...??

    ...Transmuting or creating 'land tokens' from completed lands that you can gift to friends to help them complete.

    ...Creating 'gold bars' or gifting of silver bars.

    ...Creating or having random 'war crystals' dropping from ebs that can be gifted only for use in war events indi/pvp/all star etc.

    ...special clan vs clan system wars to incentivise some good old fashioned war that drop gift able 'super idols' multipliers or tokens/mith/aqua or inferno tokens (yes your choice!!) that you can use to boost your stats or factor up completed idol sets by say x10 x50 or x100 multipliers!

    ...what about ally tokens of fixed amounts say by gifting 10T token for ally purchase change given in bars

    ...gifting equipment?

    engage your brains!!
  9. What I'd like to be giftable:

    Royal boxes
    Stat items
    Throne room items
  10. I would also like to see gifting seals as well would be nice to see that and the gifting part to be out hopefully before Christmas lol
  11. Support!
    Seen that"gifting coming soon" for a long time now.
    Let ppl send whatever gift they want,whatever they got in store.
  12. I diagree with this somehow someway its a exploit waiting to happen
  13. Aqua and Inferno should be gift able...

    I have loads but many have limited or none. I could do with the exchange for Crux which I always need so perhaps make this trade able as an option?

    'wager' tokens.....that drop from regular eb that are gift able that you can use to back their fav warriors as they battle in Indi system wars (akin to all star team backing) but they are your choice of token to win aqua or inferno 'evens odds' so wager a token for say up to max 50 aqua can win 50 aqua but lose and you lose 50!! - all bets placed prior to war start only indi as LL war is largely abused and exploited as it is!
  14. These are all great ideas but they're also extremely exploitable. To be honest I'm not sure what the gift system will do that the trading system can't do.

    I do like the idea of being able to gift a limited amount of aqua/inferno and maybe even xtals daily.

    Keep in mind that introducing new features into the game is great but if they come with a whole slew of problems then they *might not be worth it. It takes time and effort to solve those problems. Time and efforts that could be allocated elsewhere in the game. Last i heard there were 3 devs on the KaW team.
  15. Haha "gifting coming soon" i find it funny that soon never comes. Its like saying devs give a crap about this game
  16. Lol when devs said “gifting coming soon” you didn’t believe em did you? After 8 years I’ve learnt to take what devs say with a pinch of salt. Nothing gets done soon around here.
  17. So, expect it within the next several years. ^_^
  19. So no ideas of your own ?