giants vs Cowboys: 20 xtal pot

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  1. 27-20 Giants. Cowboys have too many injuries
  2. Giants 12-0
    Giants 12-7

    Giants are my favorite team.
  3. 14-3 giants because eli manning will have a good game
  4. 14-3 cowboys because they are Americas team
  5. Giants 27-15, too much Manning
  6. Giants 17 Cowboys 10

    Easy win had Dallas had Romo. Giants win because Dallas can't score. Weak QB.
  7. Giants 24 Cowboys 23

    Kicker misses an extra point and that's the difference in the ball-game.
  8. 21-18 cowboys
    16-15 giants

    Just making random guesses because free xtals i dont even know what sport this is lmao
  9. 21cowboys
    19 giants
    More of a hope than anything. Ever since the Giants ruined my favorite teams almost perfect season, I have enjoyed seeing them lose. Not a cowboy fan either but hopefully they will come out on top for this one.
  10. 23-13 giants

    Dallas not strong enough offensively to really make much out of it
  11. Matt castle and Michael Christie add some spark to the sputtering offense of Dallas but still end up losing on the road 27 giants 24 cowboys
  12. Cowboys 19
    Giants 16

    Eli throws 3 picks
  13. Giants 23
    Cowboys 19

    Only 1 td for the Cowboys the rest fg.
  14. Guess 1: 25 giants 17 Cowboys
    Guess 2: 28 giants 13 Cowboys
  15. Giants 28 Cowboys 14

    Cowboys can't put up enough points without Bryant and Romo
  16. 20-17 Cowboys Reason being Is both offenses suck and Can't get the ball moving To be honest Someones defense better show up to help
  17. 24-17 Cowboys

    These numbers look pretty and the Cowboys still look better than the Giants.
  18. Alright. Nice guesses. Good luck peeps! Locking now
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