Getting Silenced

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  1. Disclaimer: This thread is not meant to complain about a silence or anything like that, it is purely made for parody and entertainment.

    Disclaimer 2: Sorry if a thread like this has been made before but I figured it could be something fun and could find nothing related.

    Silences are pretty common and some can even be memorable. This thread is dedicated to making the funny silences live forever through a thread of their very own. So I ask all of you to share the funniest silence you've ever saw, heard about or was a victim of.

    Here's mine, literally happening less than 30 minutes ago (and the inspiration for this thread) I was silenced for asking when the next asw was going to happen. It was funny (to me at least) because a mod meant to silence a bypasser above me. :lol: :lol:

    And now it is your turn, let your memorable silences live on forever in this thread!

    ... keep it tou friendly though.

  2. Shut up, Fire.

    oh wait. the mods already shut you up...
  3. Didn't read
  4. When I was new, back in 2010, I got a gang of people together and we all spammed wc saying it was the birthday of one of our more serious admins, to try and get him wall posts. It wasn't his birthday, I got silenced, and we all had a great laugh.

    This was before confirmation messages too, so we just went at it like animals.
  5. I feel for you
  6. certain type of cake
  7. I got silenced for quoting Ariana Grande
  8. But support told me this, trying to trap me...