getting bored :D

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  1. Hii guyz itz --yash-- xD been inactive
    ..these days kaW has been boring to meh..wbu guyz !
    Jst an tympas forum post...
  2. Go eat a burger
  3. go for ur aisi taisi. :-D
  4. Dear OP,

    I joined kaw since 2 April 2013.

    And believe it or not, it was a lot of fun I had!

    The friends I've made and thus helped me on each and every day!
    Visiting Clans
    Helping their epic battles
    Hiring their allies to help them grow

    And some other more which I couldn't explain it in detail, but I do know I sure appreciate everything kaw has given to me...

    Plus, when I get bored....I look on in forums..and give replies whenever I can, like the one I am writing now to you. I hope you liked reading my short post in return!

    I can say, 100% Happy!

    Happy kawing, OP! Do not feel bad about the past, just focus on the present with confidence!

    With regards,
    A kaw player, sean893
  5. Ermm.. I dunno ;( I just play while am still alive