Get Rid of all the Guides: Thinking for ourselves the Swabia

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by The_Philosopher, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. There are too many different ways of warring from the underdog position to write a guide

    I like taking on a whole clan, but don't care to share my private joys with all of kaw. There are actions so satisfying they must be kept secret, and so shall they be.
  2. I agree with Jesus :)
    Guides to do things should be open but giving all the answers takes the fun away sometimes :|
  3. The bad thing about a top 200 player writing a guide is, to go along you would need a large wallet. Not everyone can spend like a lot of them do on this game.
  4. Amazing, extremely insightful and thought out. Not to mention its well written which can be rare on forums.
  5. Metalicana nickthefirst...hmmm the don't look like the have pro did they get to lb without it...maybe they played the game?
  6. Those two are good examples of smart players who know the mechanics. Metillicana has tons of spy actions and a good amount of allies that keep him on LB. Even without the stats, packs, or HLBC (don't know if he has yet) he stays high on LB.
  7. Just because someone hasnt bought a propack doesnt mean they havent bought xtals/nobs.
  8. Yes that is very true.
  9. i agree with this thread: it aint no guide btw ppl, ITS A RANT. im a small player and i'd rather see hmm... a WillyTheDeuce thread on at than "how to pick your nose, a kaw guide"
  10. Lol someone is a bit of An ass kisser of Swabia, brown nose much? Moose always writes **** so people will like him he's a mod for Christ sake that clearly proves they crave attention and have no life, IT'S A VOLUNTARY JOB 
  11. Yes. Philosopher and Swabia are best friends.
  12. Geez. You mad bro?
  13. @ op when was stressing about pots on ebs such as fod ever fun? (Evil things) didn't you just come off as i know better fix this while i have a fit using the format i'm against?... And did you just call wulf an idiot? You really might want to watch how you phrase things dear. Wulfs a mod his jobs to help people which is the point of the guides by him you gripped about...

    Any ways have fun with your rampage
  14. Umm...

    So I take it you have eyes and a brain right?

    Don't read the guides?
    And people who need to, will.

    Not that hard...
  15. Nah. Swabia and I basically hate each other's guts. The son of a gun just said something I really liked. Got to give credit where it is due.
  16. And this is not " a guide not to write guides" as some idiot suggested. This is an opinion piece, offering suggestions to make the game better.
  17. This is a nice guide to stop writing guides if you ask me
  18. How the hell is this a guide??

    If anything, it's a rant.
  19. Philosopher.

    You didn't read my post.

    Ever thought of just not looking at the guides of they cause you so much grief?

    Then, you could forget this rage-campaign and keep bumming up to Swabs.

  20. Just an observation.. on Swabia's thread.. "When We forget how to pvp" or something like that. You we're basically calling him out for "being a ***** and not pvping and not taking on clans" or something like that..

    And now, you're saying the exact opposite. Pick a side.