Genuine Need to Stand Up

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  1. I'll say this kindly, I'll say this softly. Our Current Mods continue to overstep their bounds. I am a new device, I am a player. I have broken no ToU rules. Yet I was silenced by Michael. Why? It says I was impersonating another player in a harmful manner. I am me. No one else. I impersonated no one. I spoke out in wc. That was all.

    I watched Chopper speak out as well as many others, all wrongfully treated by mods who are supposed to uphold GAME INTEGRITY! Not, destroy it.

    Thank You for listening.

    **Edit** I know this game inside and out. I know the ToU better than our current Mods. I probably know the ToU better than our newest Developers even. Test me. I'd gladly apply for Mod, anyone know where the sign up sheet is?
  2. I saw sacred fool post once and I posted on his Wall to comment since I was out of speakers. He said nothing offensive unless you have touchy feelings. His point was how mods dont moderate and need replaced. Hmm, seems like a point needed to be made by Michael. If we are on only the topic about his integrity of upholding the game its poor at best. As a mod he shouldnt be stooping down to everyone bashing him in world chat and than use his little powers to mess with others.
  3. I don't think mods should lock this one. "Email the devs /lock" is not enough when players actually have problems because when there is hatred against Muslims being posted in WC inbetween moderator posts and nothing is done I have a problem with that. Also, moderators and developers have killed the forum community, thanks a lot!

    Anybody have that link going around about corruption or nah?
  4. Suppprt ...for I too have been wronged 

  5. I have no idea why you were silenced however I advise you contact support by submitting a ticket. As you are so certain it was Michael I advise you contact him as well and I'm sure he'll gladly explain why you were silenced if it was him that silenced you.

    The mod team isn't perfect and mistakes can happen but the best way to deal with issues is report them directly to the support team via the ticket system which will get far more traction behind it than by badmouthing mods in general in the forums and beating your chest claiming you know the ToU better than those who have spent many years understanding it and at least a year enforcing them.

    If you have any further questions please contact me and I'll get back when I can get back to you properly.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.