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  1. Here we go again.
    Another event, where top tier equipment is rewarded practically solely through hitting epic battles..
    Where is equipment used? Wars and pvp. It makes zero sense to me that you cant reach the top tier equipment by warring when that is what its used for.

    Not to mention only premium epic battles give a reasonable amount of items. Equipment was really the last aspect available without nolifing 24/7 or placing money in Grant's thong.

    Thanks. *moonface*
    Inb4 hating eb fairies cri *moonface*
  2. Support!!! I didnt see this thread just made lolol, I ranted in another lmao
  3. No support
  4. Support. PvP is where its at
  5. Can the equip not be acquired from wars?
  6. In essence yes. But the rewards from wars are low number of favors, so you have to really hit ebs in order to get ichors for equipment
  7. ^^^ Aye. Wars and pvp alone wont get you 20k+ for rewards to mean anything for anyone of even my dinky butt's size tho lol.

    Couldn't use a single plate.

    **edit** and a lot of us dont build for sys wars. Sys war builds are a pretty narrow type if ya wanna keep folks from hassling ya. PvP and Full event PvP is where it's at. that was the closest to REAL kaw it's been in 6 years.
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    His spelling is unique e.e
  9. You got me at Grant's thong.. hell that deserves a spinoff thread on its own
  10. A strategy guide or Fan Fiction?
  11. Grants Thong must surely be a life skills thread
  12. D3mon how do you know about grants thong? Are you cheating on me :(
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  15. Many would say the same about you.

    You're literally synonymous all over KaW for low quality warring.
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