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  1. ATA marketing is not really have a big goal. They only want to keep their niche on online gaming like us who are loyal. When I played their new game KOH. I noticed they only target players mostly in English speaking country. I play many games and I noticed big spenders on online app mostly from Gulf Arabs and China. So suggested why not add in app auto translator and start marketing in Gulf Arabs and China. I have the response they can’t do it because it’s hard to add auto translator of Arabs character. Most games have auto translator. I bet you can sub contract those kind of auto translator then just add to app. I guess ATA wouldn’t take chances to add little budget for potential big spenders. I seen gulf Arabs would spend like $100k US a month on an online game. If they can get a few of them to play KOH. Should pay off the auto translator. Anyway I quit KOH just like any other game it’s generic. I wish them do well on that game.
  2. I miss gaw if they decided to bring it back I’d be one of the first on it. I started kaw before gaw but gaw had most of my time due to trying to beat my own record to lcbc. It was fun while it lasted just wish they’d put a little more time into it
  3. I don't see ata reviving any franchises any time soon imo kaw is a couple years away from the end
  4. Mustang stop buying my allies dammit!
  5. they should add those family walls that they had in gaw.
    like a clan wall
  6. What? I don't think that's how it works. The apple app store can't force exclusivity can they? Thatdoesn't seem right.
  7. They should bring MEEGOS back. 
  8. Literally this. Arabs tend to spend tons of cash on these kinda mobile games. Just look at every game similiar to GoW or ***
  9. yeah that's not really how it works you're actually right for once kazzie the gay boy
  10. My judge is so high right now with this post
  11. I've played ata games since the very beginning and gaw was always my personal favorite. Kaw became too much to handle, pimd was decent enough but the fact the plunder bonus scaled with energy was annoying and the player base for that game is absolutely horrid. Gaw was a great compromise between the casualness of pimd and the mechanics of kaw with it's own unique twists on things. I'd love for that game to come back.
  12. Reviving gaw, fc or creating a classic KaW style game would just split an already relatively small player base.
  13. I only reach level 40 something. It gets very repetitive, would of been nice to add more features like PVP lol
  14. Gays at war wasn't really appealing to me