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  1. This is my first forum post so please dont judge.

    I personally miss gaw and I know I'm not alone on this, ata is clearly money hungry bringing in tnk and alot of updates to make more people want to spend money on the game. Gaw was an amazing game and alot of players put alot of time and money into that game, I know if ata were to bring back gaw money would be made and us players would be very satisfied.

    I'm posting this to get kaw's opinion on the thought of bringing back gaw and maybe ata would put some thought into it. I would appreciate some feedback and your opinions on this matter thank you

  2. bring back gaw fr
  3. Since KaW and GaW were similar I think it’d be cooler if they released a new game with this same kind of play style.
  4. Money hungry huh?

    Seems majority forget these games are a business hence they need to make money to keep them online and going.

    If your complaint is solely about money maybe go play a war game that is pay to play..

    i for one am impressed they have kept kaw very open to non paying and paying players alike. Winston has worked hard to try to accommodate both paying and non paying.

    Next time try to offer constructive criticism aka issues with feasible possible solutions. Winston is watching and considering our solutions and has implemented some for example the tower pvp. So give him time, 1 person can only do so much.
  5. GaW was the best
  6. Future combat was better. Far more brutal
  7. ok but what about meego
  8. I was THE forum lord of Meego bro. 7 stickied and was had like 30+ followers a day. So yeah I like to think I was one of the GOATs of a mobile game that was mostly for children.

    Success at its finest.

  9. No I was simply stating that tnk was a way for ata to make more money, aswell as bringing back gaw would make them loads of money
  10. How do you know GaW will make them “loads” of money? Don’t you think if this was the case before, it would still be open?

    You make a whole lot of assumptions but provide nothing on content to support those assumptions.

    Bringing back GaW does not ensure it will be a profitable venture. What do you think the monthly costs were to operate the game and how much do you think it was bringing in? I might be wrong, but companies usually don’t take winners and give them the axe just for the hell of it.

    Perhaps you should reach out to ATA and offer to purchase the game so you can bring it back?

    And just to stay ahead of your response, not knowing how to run a business or how to fund one isn’t an excuse.

    RIP GaW
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  12. You make a good point what I was meaning is most games make profit off the release of the game, I know alot of people miss gaw and would go back to it. I do not know for sure if it will be better money wise or the same as before but with the amount people miss the game my assumption would be alot woukd go back and ata would potentially make money. It is not based off facts just what I believe would happen.. I could be wrong but I think it's worth a shot
  13. GAW was making money. The only issue was GAW only for apple. ATA tried to talk to apple if they can release GAW in google too. Apple got greedy and denied ATA. Apple not easy company to deal with. Every update ATA have to make needs apple approval. So ATA decided just let GAW died. If GAW was in apple and google will still be here right now.
  14. Bring gaw back 100%
  15. As a beginning to end FC player, long-time GaW player, and extremely long-time KaW player; I can make a couple observations.

    Both Future Combat and GaW were built on the same platform as KaW. From that standpoint it wouldn’t be that difficult to revive the games.


    Both FC and GaW, like KaW, catered to a specific niche of the tap-tap game industry. FC and GaW’s niches were rather more limited in scope than KaW.

    KaW: medieval knights, dragons, magicians; sword and sorcery style.
    FC: Post-apocalyptic thriller
    GaW: gangland actions; murder, sex, drugs, and rap

    As you can see from this brief glimpse, KaW would naturally draw the largest crowd. Not to mention the fact that a substantial portion of the players of both FC and GaW played both game simultaneously. Both FC and GaW had small pools of gamers. But yes, FC was quite ruthless. I suppose if FC has zombies it might have had a larger following ha.

    A limited number of gamers combined with the issues with Apple is reportedly what spelled the doom of both games.

    On FC we were clearly told that the problem was financial. The cost to maintain the game on a server (including secondary expenses) exceeded the revenue generated via in-game purchases and other forms of income such as advertising. This, of course, did not even include such things as updates.

    Thus FC was closed down. I was online in WC when the plug was pulled. I still consider that one of the sad experiences of my life. Many friends and even family members are missed. Some of us continue here on KaW, some are now on KoH. I wasn’t present when GaW went down, however.

    Regarding the idea of buying the rights to the game; it’s been tried before. A group of us on FC got together and offered to purchase it from ATA, they said no. Who knows if it would be a different answer now?

    As was mentioned, ATA is a business. The goal of a business is to generate a profit. I’ll be the first to argue that ATA has pulled some questionable actions, at least in my opinion. Nevertheless I don’t begrudge ATA’s goal of turning a profit.

    Either way, there are many folks who enjoyed FC and GaW. Lots of great memories and fun. Yes, I personally wish FC would come back; but I doubt we will ever see FC, GaW, Medford, or Smash again.

    Happy KaWing!

  16. yeah i played gaw for the drugs and rap
  17. I played both FC and GaW from release. Honestly I couldn’t stick with either of them for more than 3 months. In fact I even played meego and that car game ata made I can’t remember the name of it. And I tried to get in to KoH but none of those games held my interest at all. I don’t feel like being back any failed ATA property is a good idea. They have a 10 year flagship game that has a counterstrike-esk player base. And for that ATA will always pull money off of kaw. I have to say KoH seems o do pretty well. It’s not my flavor but it does well. But I believe that those games (FC,GaW) failed because they were too much of clones of ATA games mixed with the same boring iGangster game that was popular back in those days. And kaw was and really still is one of a kind. Idk just my two cents.
  18. I mean original runescape came out and many players came back to play that. I see no reason why we can’t have an original kingdoms at war app and see how that fairs...only issue is an older version of kaw would have more players then the current one so rip revenue. No matter how much we want it it won’t it goes against the devs bottom line