GAW and FC Day

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  1. Today is a day of remorse, of tragedy, of remembrance. However as our Brothers from the future fall as fragments of the past, we shall rise!
    As the legacy of The Gangs and Families And Factions fall, we shall form anew. From shards of broken glass we shall create beautiful works of art. From the ashes we shall rise. May the day never come when our powerful community be put to the test as those of the future have. However a new problem arises to mind when these refugees come to our mighty kingdom. Shall we grow? Shall this bring an age of darkness over our great land? Neigh it will bring about prosperity, as our community grows to become one with others and rise from the ashes as an army to withstand the tests of time. A moment for our Fallen of GAW and FC. Our Motto: LONG LIVE KAW