Gather round, friends.

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  1. There once was a bard named Lonesong, whos name was revered all throughout the lands.

    One day Lonesong went into town, to visit to local marketplace and buy some potions.

    He saw many things at the market. He even saw an ape selling weird “seals” at exorbitant prices.

    All of the sudden, a man came up to Lonesong, dressed in a full suit of armor, and wielding a glowing sword.

    “Lo, Lonesong! It is I! The mighty Redstar! I shall purge your scourge from this holy land of the mighty ATA Empire!”

    Lonesong soiled himself. But he stayed strong, and raised his trusty lute to his chest.

    “I accept your challenge, noble knight. But be wary, for defeating me will be no easy feat!”

    A crowd formed around the two, and Redstar charged, his sword held high.

    Lonesong showed much prowess in the face of such danger. He nimbly dodged the knight’s attacks, dancing in and out of his reach.

    After much fighting, the two seperated. They panted and wheezed from the exertion of their bout.

    “Lo, Lonesong! It is clear there will be no winner here. What say we end this, and go our seperate ways.”

    “Nonsense. Gather round friends, let me play you a tune.”

    And so Lonesong strummed away on his trusty old lute. He told tales of kingdoms past, and of players and their roots.

    He told tales of old clans, made famous by their wars. And of glorious epic battles, from a time back before.

    As the sun took its course, Lonesong put up his lute. He said, “Friends listen up, I have but one truth for you.”

    “Redstar here has brawns, but with it he lacks class, for it is why I could live, and why I stood to last.”

    “Naught does it matter, the might nor the struggle, for as Redstar is strong, he has not finished the puzzle.”

    “As you drift abroad, across the endless lands, remember that you shall always win, so long as you don’t act an ass.”
  2. No one's stories will ever top the epic tales from Suzanne.

  3. I admit, I laughed.
  4. may her werewolf tales live on eternally
  5. Red Star is a has been. Who cares
  6. i think you missed the point of the thread
  7. Uhmm the dance , is he kung fu master? 
  8. no hes a bard :)
  9. Cool tale.
  10. That’s a... erm... dang lie
  11. They call me Bard.
  12. oh snap