Gateway to the Abyss

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  1. 2 questions 1. What will be requirements to open new lands? 2. Will there be a castle upgrade with the new lands?
  2. 1. 15 hf

    2. No word on it
  3. Is 15 HF confirmed? Or are you guessing?
  4. New lands should have a base px and be priced like MITh LB will have to pay a ton more. Fair, No??
  5. It's been confirmed. So 15 hf to unlock them.
  6. Where at?
  7. The biggest issue with the gap is clan unity. Cannot have diversity in clans with gaps this big. Leaves new players to subclans or making their own clan that people will leave as they grow.

    Who wants to be in a clan where you can't hit the EB. Who wants to be in a clan that runs small EB when you're building in the hoarfrost?

    Want to EE? Can't do that unless you have a custom non-diverse clan.

    Want to do promos? Better start kicking members that don't fit.

    OSW? Last bastion of clan diversity is being killed off be Devs slowly but surely. Even there the size difference makes growing up in a clan unlikely if not impossible.
  8. SwiftAssassin, I cannot give you a definite answer on that, but I have seen it in forums, I want to say it's an early post on this thread, try looking through the first 1-10 pages on here
  10. Kidding even, that one was a bit too far.
  11. I can't wait to see the new stats of what we will build there and how much gold it will take lol
  12. 15 lands is confirmed
  13. I'm actually looking forward to the new lands.

    The Spyglasses will be a fantastic bonus for those with only a few lands left on HF, or even HL for the smaller players.

    My only request is that you allow the players the option of when to use the Spyglass (similar to build tokens) so that it can be a fantastic bonus for all.

    Thank you in anticipation of your consideration.
  14. Support for obesa request 
  15. Support to Obesa! Great idea!
  16. Support Obesa Cantavit
  17. I like that there's also group rewards :) How exciting