Gateway to the Abyss

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  2. Question for devs...

    "Discovered amongst the wreckage found at the bottom of The Abyss this item allows for those who possess it to uncover new land free of charge. When you have this item in your inventory the next land you uncover will be free of charge. Don't wait too long though, as the Frontier Spyglass will be removed from player inventories on February 2nd, 2015

    Note: When uncovering land using a Frontier Spyglass it will still display the regular upgrade cost, however this is not actually removed from your account."

    Does this mean that your NEXT land will automatically be free if you possess the spyglass or will you combine it with a potion, like we did with the previous land tokens to activate it?

    Some people are speculating that if you have 3 spyglasses in your possession, your first 3 lands are automatically FREE....some people believe you can choose when to activate them so they can buy first 22 and use their 3 on the 23rd, 24th and 25th.
  3. nevermind above post. just saw it was answered on previous page.
  4. Whats the answer?
  5. They will not be the same as building is your NEXT 3 don't get to choose when you activate and when you pay for land...see page 34
  6. and it apparently works on ALL lands, so if you're not bc on HF, you can use them for the next more expensive lands whereas BC have no choice but to use them on first Abyss lands
  7. I'm sooo glad a spent a trill exploring last land on hf,, way to go devs. Keep up the awesome job,I just keep wondering why I continue playing. I must be a total idiot
  8. Can we not?
  9. Surely the only practical solution to this Spyglass for lands issue is to allow the activation to be controlled by the player...just like with the previous build tokens.

    This will allow all players, no matter what your build, to choose when to use the Spyglass.

    This change won't hurt your profit ATA, if anything it will encourage your player base to continue playing rather than all the negativity towards your current decision for them to be used automatically.

    I hope you take this into consideration.
  10. Obesa hon you couldn't be more right but you forget, the devs don't lise
  11. Listen to us. They do what they think is right and alas most if the time it's just wrong
  12. ...another hte-only event to skip
  13. Sadly these days that seems to be more common 
  14. U get Global reward like it or not
  15. If they listened more to us the game would be fun, exciting and full of great promos and events everyone wants to get involved with and spend lots of money very happily playing. Alas instead they have,in the vast majority, a player base who are wholly unsatisfied angry, constantly disappointed and let down and frustrated. A base who spend begrudgingly out of necessity. It's so sad they either can't see that or simply don't care. I don't think I've ever come across a game where the paying customer base is so displeased and ignored by the developers.
  16. What do u have in mind?
    Me personally l like EE wars n wanna see some changes. Idk what exactly.
    The PvP event was interesting.
    I'm keen for more weekend war tourneys.
    Maybe once monthly in the offseason.
  17. So a noob acct gets the spyglass and unlocks a land worth 20 bn if they are lucky. Nice way to introduce players to the game
  18. I think so CC
  19. I think the Devs should add equipment
  20. EQ for what purpose?
    From events or war?